Welcome to EDIMatrix

This is the technical support server. Our official website can be found here   You should be able to pick up an RSS feed for software changes from the orange icon in the browser link field if you have an enabled browser. The up-to-date download directory for individual modules and files, and for their documentation, is however here on this server. The download directory can also be accessed by anonymous FTP on the non-standard port 3021, and by explicit FTPS on port 990. Any queries about our EDI software can be sent to support@edimatrix.co.uk .

Enabling Keys

On Win-64 systems there can sometimes be problems when registering DMX programs, because the registry is incorrectly initialised on a small proportion of such systems. To get round this problem you need a copy of D32allow.dll created after July 2013 (downloadable from the link above; put it in your DMX\BIN folder). This can bypass the problems to generate the correct machine code for your system. Once we have this machine code we can issue you with a matching DMXLMKEY.REG file to register the software. The instructions which come with this file tell you how to apply it. There is a special procedure for Win-64 systems.