EAMG Pictures 2004

This page provides links to snaps I have taken at various
EAMG events. Clicking a link will bring up a web page
showing thumbnails (reduced size versions) of the pictures.
Clicking on a picture will then open up the full sized version
of the picture in a new browser window. The full pictures
can be quite large and may take a couple of minutes to
appear completely if you have a dial-up connection. Unfortunately
these 2004 pictures may not be visible in browsers other than IE
(this was corrected for subsequent years).

Chris Johnson

'AGT' (Ride to Battlesbridge) 2004-12-12

EAMG Group Night (EGM & Quiz) 2004-12-07

AGT 2004-11-07

EAMG Group Night (Bring & Buy) 2004-11-02

FMT 2004-10-24

Fish and Chip Run 2004-10-17

AGT 2004-10-10

EAMG Group Night (roadcraft - roundabouts) 2004-10-05

Chris Reed's Stoke Bruerne social ride 2004-10-03

EAMG Committee 2004-09-24

EAMG Group Night 2004-09-07 (Darren W. on Suspension)

AGT 2004-09-05

FMT 2004-08-22

AGT 2004-08-08

EAMG (Car Group Guest Night) 2004-08-03

AGT 2004-07-11

EAMG Club Night 2004-07-06

EAMG BBQ 2004-06-26 (many pictures;)

EAMG Group Night 2004-06-08

AGT 2004-06-06

BikeSafe course at the Warren 2004-06-03

AGT 2004-05-09

EAMG Group Night 2004-05-04

FMT 2004-04-25

AGT 2004-04-11

Super Sausage Run 2004-04-10

EAMG Group Night 2004-04-06

AGT 2004-03-08

EAMG Group Night 2004-03-03

AGT 2004-02-08

EAMG Group Night 2004-02-03