EAMG Pictures 2005

This page provides links to snaps I have taken at various
EAMG events. Clicking a link will bring up a web page
showing thumbnails (reduced size versions) of the pictures.
Clicking on a picture will then open up the full sized version
of the picture in a new browser window. The full pictures
can be quite large and may take a couple of minutes to
appear completely if you have a dial-up connection.
After 2005-01-09 the page format has been changed to support
browsers other than Internet Explorer.

Click here for photos from 2004

The Amazing Adventures of Nelly the Elephant. Last updated 2005-12-04

EAMG Quiz Night 2005-12-06

EAMG Group Night (Speed Cameras) 2005-11-01

Colin Snow's Bletchley Park Ride (pix by Smurf) 2005-10-02

Social Ride to Box Hill 2005-10-16

AGT (Chris Gardiner's photos - External Link) 2005-10-09

AGT (Red Lion, Great Bricett Run) 2005-10-09

Group Night('camchain' man) 2005-10-04

Kill Spills Rally (pix by Keith Boyles) 2005-09-10

Essex Air Ambulance Run (pix by Keith Boyles) 2005-09-04

Slow Riding Day (pictures by John Tullett) 2005-09-25

AGT (High Beach run) 2005-09-11

EAMG Group Night (Natter) 2005-09-05

Chris Reed's Gnome Museum Run (Pix by Smurf) 2005-08-27

FMT 2005-08-28

Sandra Murphy's snaps from 100th Bomb Group Run 2005-08-14

Chris Gardiner's snaps from 100th Bomb Group Run 2005-08-14

Chris Reed's 100th Bomb Group Run 2005-08-14

AGT 2005-08-07 (Pictures by Chris Gardiner)

Brands Hatch Superbikes 2005-08-07

EAMG Slow Riding Day (Pictures by John Tullett) 2005-06-19

EAMG Group Night (Paul Tracy - Hendon Instructor) 2005-08-02

More pictures from the BBQ, from Roy Hems 2005-07-02

More pictures from the Xmas Dinner, from Roy Hems 2004-12-17

AGT (Stradishall Run) 2005-07-10

EAMG Group Night (Self-defence and First Aid) 2005-07-06

EAMG BBQ 2005-07-02

FMT (Route 5) 2005-06-26

AGT (Brandon Social Ride) 2005-06-12

EAMG Group Night ('Guest Rides') 2005-06-05

Rob Chenery's Fenland ride 2005-05-29

Ducati factory visit 2005-05-14 (43 pictures from Chris Reed)

More from the Ducati factory visit 2005-05-14 (59 pictures from Keith Boyles!)

Yet more from the Ducati factory visit 2005-05-14 (22 pictures from Graham Simpkins)

Ace Cafe social ride 2005-05-15

AGT (Run to Green Man, Sherpeth) 2005-05-08

EAMG Group Night (Bring and Buy) 2005-05-03

FMT 2005-04-24

Colin Snow's Chatham Run 2005-04-17 (pix from Smurf)

Observer Training in Wales 2004-09-12 (pix from Smurf)

AGT (run to Greyhound Inn) 2005-04-10

EAMG Group Night (Rapid Training) 2005-04-05

Super Sausage Run 2005-03-26

EAMG Group Night (Training Structure) 2005-03-01

AGT (Ace Cafe run) 2005-02-06

Chris and Sandra's snaps from EAMG Xmas dinner 2004-12-17

EAMG Group Night 2005-01-09 (Police Accident Investigation Unit)

Simon Enticknap's ride 2005-01-09

EAMG Group Night 2005-01-04

Stuart's New Year Ride 2005-01-03