EAMG Pictures 2006

This page provides links to snaps I have taken at various
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Click here John Tipper's overtaking video (smaller 6Mb file, needs an mp4 player or program)

Chris Gardiner's EAMG Photo Site

Chris Johnson

Chris R's Xmas Breakfast Run (pix by Paul Osborne) 2006-12-30

Richard P's Royston Run (pix by Paul Osborne) 2006-12-17

Christmas Dinner 2006-12-15

Group Night (Xmas quiz) 2006-12-05

Richard Parker's Capel St Mary Run 2006-11-26

AGT & Milton, Cambs Run 2006-11-12

Group Night (California Superbikes) 2006-11-07

Richard P's Sproughton Ride (part!) 2006-10-29

FMT 2006-10-22

AGT & Bury St Edmunds Run 2006-10-08

EAMG Group Night (Trevor Magnar, BMF) 2006-10-03

Richard Parker's Hunstanton Ride 2006-10-01

Slow Riding Day 2006-09-24

Rapid Track Day at Brands Hatch 2006-09-13

John Tipper's pictures from his Dolomites trip 2006-09-??

Graham Simpkins Essex Air pictures 2006-09-10

AGT & Essex Air Ambulance Harwich Party 2006-09-10

Paul Osborne's Kill Spills Run Pix 2006-09-09

John Kidman's Social Ride 2006-09-09

EAMG Group Night (Geoff Preston's USA Trip) 2006-09-04

Social Ride to Stoke Bruerne 2006-09-03

Paul Osborne's pix from the Slow Riding Day 2006-07-02

EAMG in Wales 2006-07-17/23

Social Ride to Rye 2006-08-27

AGT & White Horse Run 2006-08-06

EAMG Group Night (Bingo Quiz) 2006-08-01

Richard Parker's Aldeburgh Run 2006-07-30

The Martins' Five Counties Run 2006-07-29

Guy Jones' pictures from Bikers Retreat 2006-07-09

AGT & Newmarket Ride 2006-07-09

EAMG at Hideout Open Day 2006-07-08

EAMG Group Night (Rides) 2006-07-04

Fen ride pix from Chris R. 2006-06-25

Miami Tesco (for Fen Ride & FMT) 2006-06-25

AGT & Clacton Run 2006-06-11

Group Night (Paul Roberts' Talk) 2006-06-06

Keith Boyles' Fun in the Forest Run 2006-06-04

AGT & Red Lion Run 2006-05-07

EAMG Bring & Buy Night 2006-05-02

EAMG at the Maldon Bikesafe Event 2006-04-30

Geoff Preston's Beachy Head Run (3 pix from Mike B.) 2006-04-23

FMT Route 3 (Gaydon) 2006-04-23

Super Sausage Run 2006-04-15

AGT & Black Horse Run (again!) 2006-04-09

John T and Clive T's Power Run snaps 2006-04-02

EAMG Group Night (Rapid) 2006-04-04

Tipper Tour to France 2006-04-01/2

John Tullett's (Museum of) Power Trip 2006-04-02

Richard Parker's run to Milton 2006-03-26 (only 3 pix :-( )

Fish & Chip Run 2006-03-19

AGT & Chigwell (!) Run 2006-03-12

EAMG Group Night (Roy Hemms M/C history talk) 2006-03-07

AGT & Black Horse Run 2006-02-12

EAMG Group Night (AGM) 2006-02-07

Tish & Jim's Social Bimble 2006-01-29

Geoff Preston's Sunday Run 2006-01-08

EAMG Natter Night 2006-01-03

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