EAMG Pictures 2010

This page provides links to snaps I have taken at various
EAMG events. Clicking a link will bring up a web page
showing reduced-size, but viewable, versions of the pictures.
Clicking on a picture will then open up the full sized version
of the picture in a new browser window. The full pictures
can be quite large and may take a while to appear
completely if you have a slow Internet connection.

Chris Johnson

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Group Night (Quiz) 2010-12-07

Slow Riding Day (pix by Graham Simpkins) 2010-09-19

Richard's Run to Uppingham 2010-07-25

AGT & Ride to Chatteris 2010-07-11

Group Night ('Question Time') 2010-07-06

Richard's Ride to Hunstanton 2010-06-27

Geoff's Dales Camping Trip 2010-06-18/21

The Tippers' Boys & Girls Run 2010-06-13

Chris Reed's Stoke Bruerne Run 2010-05-31

Geoff's Run to Beachy Head 2010-05-30

AGT & Run to St Ives 2010-05-09

Group Night (Natter Night) 2010-05-04

John & Richard's Run to Kings Lynn 2010-04-25

AGT & Run to Red Lodge 2010-04-11

Group Night (Bingo Quiz) 2010-04-06

Group Night (MCI Talk) (External Link to Chris Gardiner's Site) 2010-03-02

AGT & Run to Stowmarket 2010-02-07

Group Night (AGM) 2010-02-02