EAMG Pictures 2015

This page provides links to snaps I have taken at various
EAMG events. Clicking a link will bring up a web page
showing reduced-size, but viewable, versions of the pictures.
Clicking on a picture will then open up the full sized version
of the picture in a new browser window. The full pictures
can be quite large and may take a while to appear
completely if you have a slow Internet connection.

There was a two-year gap in the record due to major illness,
but it came back to life again for its tenth anniversary.

Chris Johnson

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Chris Gardiner's EAMG Photo Site (link OK 2015-12-14)

Smurf's EAMG Photo Site (empty link?)

John Tipper's Reveiller (and other) Rides Photo Site

Richard's Run to St Ives 2015-12-13

AGT & Run to Red Lodge 2015-12-06

Group Night (Xmas Quiz) 2015-12-01

AGT & Colin's Ride to Comfort Cafe 2015-11-08

Richard's Ride to Rushden 2015-11-01

Richard's Ride to Hunstanton 2015-09-13

AGT (Geoff Preston on Overtaking) plus Ride to Harwich 2015-09-06

The Tippers' Annual Pilgrimage to Bourton-on-the-Water 2015-08-23

Group Night (Natter Night) 2015-08-04

Richard's Run to Bourne 2015-08-02

Group Night at Little Channels (Bingo Quiz) 2015-07-07

Richard's Run to Harleston 2015-07-05

Richard's Run to Melton Mowbray 2015-06-28

Group Night (Natter) 2015-06-02

Ian Taylor's Ride to Swaffham 2015-05-31

AGT (Chris Reed on Emergency Stops) plus Ride to High Beach & Bishops Stortford 2015-05-10

Group Night (Rapid Training) 2015-05-05

Richard's Ride to St. Ives 2015-04-26

AGT (Geoff Preston on Speed - again!) plus Ride to Milton 2015-04-12

Group Night (Riders for health) 2015-04-07

Super Sausage Run 2015-04-04

Richard's Ride to Dunwich 2015-03-22

AGT (John Tipper on Overtaking) plus Dave Cardy's Ride to Dunwich 2015-03-08

Group Night (John Tipper on Reveiller Rides) 2015-03-03

Chris R. and Richard P's run to Graffham Water 2015-02-01

Chris R. and Richard P's run to Red Lodge 2015-01-11

Group Night (Natter Night) 2015-01-06