EAMG Pictures 2018

This page provides links to snaps I have taken at various
EAMG events. Clicking a link will bring up a web page
showing reduced-size, but viewable, versions of the pictures.
Clicking on a picture will then open up the full sized version
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can be quite large and may take a while to appear
completely if you have a slow Internet connection.

There was a two-year gap in the record due to major illness,
but it came back to life again for its tenth anniversary.

Chris Johnson

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Chris Gardiner's EAMG Photo Site (link OK 2018-12-11)
John Tipper's Reveiller (and other) Rides Photo Site (link OK 2018-12-11)

AGT and Phil Reader's run to Red Lodge. 2018-12-09

Group Night (Xmas Quiz) 2018-12-04

Mick's Ride to Royston 2018-12-02

Group Night (pix from Jill) 2018-11-06

Mick's Run to L Hogue Garden Centre? 2018-11-04

Group Night (Innovv cameras) 2018-10-02

Richard's Ride to Aldeburgh (pix by Vince Eade) 2018-09-04

Group Night (Natter) 2018-09-04

John & Audreys' Run to Stow-on-the-Wold 2018-08=19

Group Night (Quiz) 2018-08=07

Richard's Ride to Orford (pix by Vince Eade) 2018-08-05

Group Night pix from Andy Hems 2018-07-02

Ian's Ride to Grafham Water 2018-06-24

Mick's Run to the Robin Hood 2018-06-17

Group Night (Andy Ibbott) 2018-06-05

Richard's Ride to Rushbrooke & North Weald 2018-05-20

Richard's Ride to Rushden 2018-04-15

AGT (Mick on RoSPA test) 2018-04-08

Group Night (Jeremy Hill, BMRC) 2018-04-03

Super Sausage Run 2018-03-31

Richard's Run to St Ives 2018-03-25

AGT (Geoff on Overtaking) + Andy's Run to Baldock 2018-03-11

Group Night (KTM dealer) 2018-03-06

Mick's Run to Bury St Edmunds 2018-02-18

AGT (Jill on Overtaking) & Terry's Ride to Shuttleworth 2018-02-11

Group Night (Natter) 2018-01-09